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Sheesham Luxury Jewellery Box 32x19

The wood used for this handmade jewellery box is Sheesham, an excellent and durable furniture wood which is widely available in several parts of the world...

Budrose Luxury Jewellery Box 32x19

The wood material used for this handmade designer jewellery box is Budrose, which is also known as Bud Rosewood, or Redwood. It's the root of the rosewood...

Rosewood Luxury Jewellery Box 32x19

The wood used for this wooden designer jewellery box is Rosewood, an excellent furniture wood which is available in several parts of the world....

Rosewood Luxury Jewellery Box 29x19

Contrasting Rosewood luxury jewellery box. Hardwood box with hardwood hinges. The wood is grade one Rosewood that is sought for furniture use because of polishing...

Stripped Sheesham Luxury Jewellery Box 27x11

Beautiful stripped sheesham luxury hardwood jewellery box. The wood for this box is stripped sheesham - the best available, with a finish that would suit any fine furniture...

Welcome to The jewellery box company

We source fine woods to make handmade wooden jewellery boxes that our talented craftsmen take pride in. The designer jewellery box range is made from solid exotic hardwoods such as Bud Rosewood, Ebony, Padook, Rosewood, Redwood, Sheesham and Stripped Sheesham. Bud Rosewood (also called Redwood) is a controlled wood source, and so is currently the most expensive hardwood in the world - it's use results in the most magnificent storage jewellery chest products.

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Every handmade jewellery box we have is made in superb woods (some leather) and all are made with exacting standards. We specialise in two main areas: the materials used and the design of the jewellery cases themselves. They ooze beauty and quality.

There are very few jewellery storage products available that are made from genuine hardwood, and certainly no large company makes or sells such products - most companies provide cheap veneer products which are generally made in China. Our handmade designer luxury wooden jewellery boxes are not. They are made from the best possible material - and made by individual people that care about their skills and have a name and reputation to be proud of.

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