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About Us

The company is managed and controlled by Baron Turner, who also runs ChessBaron.co.uk. He wanted to create a company that marketed superb quality hardwood jewellery boxes that larger companies such as department stores don’t sell. He saw that the mass produced products generally available are made in China and are all veneer wood rather than solid heavy hardwood. Baron felt that high quality wooden jewellery boxes would find a good market when matched with people’s natural love of solid wood.

What has happened to quality these days? We wanted to make jewellery boxes that we could be proud of and that will stand the test of time, both in terms of durability and design. Something that can be passed on to your Grandchildren and something that may well be shown in future runs of antiques roadshows. We have our Grandchildren to think of too.

The company works out of Wembdon in Somerset, and will always remain a small family company. The office address is:

The jewellery box company
9 Silverdale
Tel: 01278 426100

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