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JB1008 Ebony Cufflinks Box 15cm

Stunning ebony cufflinks 15cm case with nine compartments for cufflinks or perhaps other items of jewellery such as earrings, etc. Lined with fabric to better care for your cherished items.

Was: £99.95 Now: £69.00 (Free UK Delivery)

JB1005 Ebony Wood Jewellery Box 30cm

A stunningly beautiful Ebony jewellery box comprising compartments for watches, cuff-links, pens, rings and other items of jewellery. 30 cm wide. Made in Ebony wood and finished to a gloss surface showing the ebony tree grains. A real contribution to the furniture of the room. See the high quality catches and hinges. The hardwood case […]

Was: £195.00 Now: £149.00 (Free UK Delivery)

JB1007 Ebony Wood Jewellery, Watch, Cufflinks, Pen Case 26cm

Spectacular jewellery case comprising multiple layers and a discreet bottom drawer. 26cm wide. Made in ebony wood and finished to a gloss surface with wood grains. all the compartments are lined for comfort. A very nice jewellery box indeed, something that is an important addition to the furniture of the room. The hardwood case oozes […]

Was: £195.00 Now: £149.00 (Free UK Delivery)

CB1004 Leather Cufflinks Box 12cm with Lock

Leather single layer nine slot cufflinks case measuring 12cm x 12cm x 6cm with luxury velvet lining. Very high quality. Sturdy spaces for your cufflinks. Could also be used for earrings. The watch is just shown for an idea of the size.

Was: £39.95 Now: £29.95 (Free UK Delivery)

CB1002 Leather Cufflinks Box 20cm

Leather cufflinks case measuring 20cm x 12cm x 6cm with velvet lining. A single layer of sturdy spaces for your cufflinks. And you can lock them up too. The thing to note about this case is the quality of lock and hinges – they are made to last and are of very high quality – […]

Was: £39.95 Now: £29.95 (Free UK Delivery)

CB1003 Leather Cufflinks Box Double Layer 15cm

Double layer leather cufflinks case measuring 15cm x 15cm x 7.5cm with velvet lining. A double layer of sturdy spaces for your cufflinks. Spaces for 18 sets of cufflinks – but the police wont call if you choose to store something else in there other than cufflinks.

Was: £49.95 Now: £39.95 (Free UK Delivery)

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