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Your Online Concerns – Buying goods from the internet

Is the item in stock?

We update the site daily, sometimes several times per day. If it shows ‘in stock’ – it’s in stock, and if it’s out of stock – it can’t be selected into the online cart. In the unlikely event of a mistake, we’ll contact you promptly and either refund or advise an alternative.

Will the item be ‘as shown’?

Yes, it will. We take careful photographs of the product and show close up detail too. We want you to be confident that the jewellery box will be exactly as you’ve seen it on our site.

Is the transaction safe?

There is a growing legal requirement for any eCommerce site to have safeguards in place to make sure the transaction is safe in terms of credit card security, personal information security, reliability and much more. We all know what happened to the banks in 2009/2010. They insist that their systems are safe and free from risk to their profit, so that they can get their bonus.

Will I get deluged by future emails?

We promise that your email will not be used outside the specific transaction you’ve engaged in. We don’t do bulk email marketing and we don’t contact you pre-emptively. We believe that if you want to buy something, you know where to come, and if decide to go elsewhere, that’s your choice. But we’re the nicest. We’re really very friendly.

How long will it take to get to me?

We generally ship the day after receiving the order, and you get the item the day after that. At very busy periods such as Christmas, we occasionally have a backlog and it take a further day or two. If you’re ordering from outside the UK – then obviously it takes a little longer, but most of our international customers are surprised at how fast it gets there. Even Australian customers have it within just a few days. In a few rare cases, the product does take a little longer, but the vast majority of purchases will be there within 2 days from ordering.

Is it free shipping?

Yes – we ship free within the UK. We either use couriers or the postal service (for small items), and it’s completely free delivery. Outside the UK is very economical to ship, each country is selectable. If your country isn’t there – sorry – no offence meant, please select ‘Other’. We’re sure it’s a fine country too.

Is it safe to input my credit card number?

Here’s an interesting fact. It’s safer to buy online that to buy in a store. But the actual page that you enter the credit card number must be secure. The jewellery box company uses SagePay (formerly Protx) who have the highest encryption standards in the industry. They are by law not allowed to retain the critical details after the transaction has been completed. It’s very safe.

Will anyone else get my email or my address?

No. We will not give or sell the email address or physical address to any other party whatsoever. We won’t re-use your email address – nor send you any further marketing material after the transaction is completed. We hate junk mail just as much as you do.


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